A series of workshops are available, designed to fit your time schedule. Please request the hours and number of days you need and every effort is made to meet your demand.

  1. Codependency intensive - Three or five days.
    1. My mother, my father, myself
    2. Obstacles adults face as survivors of alcoholism or abuse
    3. Care-giving vs. care-taking
    4. Coping with intrusive memories
    5. Making my life be the way I want it

  2. Grief training and resolution - One, two or three days.
    1. The effects of grief on your health and your family
    2. How to help children cope with grief
    3. When does grief mask as depression?
    4. Learning what to do about your feelings/guilt/shame/fear/sorrow
    5. Making peace with the pain that will never go away

Praise for the Family Restoration Program

The Training I attended on alcoholism and the family was new and refreshing for me. I wish I would have volunteered my family for the sculptures. If I was doing this I would have people write anonymously about their problems concerning the disease of alcoholism so you could answer them. I liked the family reconstruction, thank you Evelyn you are precious.
~ Margaret

I really liked the Family Restoration Program. I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t know what codependency is. The info about the disease of alcoholism is really important to know and I really liked the small group it is so much easier to talk and I don’t like big groups of people. I learned I am worth something and I am only human. I wonder if I could get a copy of the video you used?
~ Vicky.

I attended the Family Restoration Program. It was very intense and gave me new meaning. I really liked the manual we used. The tools I got were excellent and I would like to restore this program every year. Thank You!
~ Jacqueline