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It is easier to build strong children that to repair broken adults.

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I really liked the Family Restoration Program on 11/5/13. I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t know what codependency is. The info about the disease of alcoholism is really important to know and I really liked the small group it is so much easier to talk and I don’t like big groups of people. I learned I am worth something and I am only human. I wonder if I could get a copy of the video you used?
~ Vicky.


Books by Evelyn

To Be Somebody

Women: What Do We Want?


The Living With Loss Grief Healing workshop on 9/30 opened my eyes to my behavior and gave me an understanding as to why I was doing some of the things i’ve been doing. I’ve been wanting to do more self-help and healing activities. The sharing and communication exercises were the most helpful. I would like a follow up on this workshop.
~ Marlene